By, Chris Akuopha

How else can one describe the get rich quick syndrome now affecting our youths? A syndrome where young children who cannot bathe themselves clean want to drive exotic cars, live in exotic houses and are ready to sacrifice their souls to the devil, shed innocent blood to achieve their goals. I want to ask, where did we go wrong? Where did we fail as parents and as a society?

It is no longer news that Yahoo Yahoo, Yahoo plus or whatever they call it, which requires rituals involving killing of innocent people to make money is the in thing in our society today. And the worrisome thing is that, they are no longer discreet about it, they flaunt it and admit it openly that they are ritualists. Infact, they are proud about it. This is how far they have sold their souls, that they now lack any form of humanity because killing a human being has become a normal way of life.

Where did we go wrong? Who raised these crop of heartless children? Cold hearted children who have lost the milk of humanity? Where did we go wrong as a society? These and many more questions we need to ask in order to find a solution to this barbaric attitude being displayed by our youths. The way things are, parents can no longer sleep with their two eyes closed, because they no longer know the children they gave birth to. How do we get past this?
Some put the blame on the society. Yes, I will agree with that to some extent because a society that worships money, not minding the source of the money only encourages people to make money anyhow. The Church is not left out. When religious leaders accept monies from their members without knowing the source and go ahead to celebrate them, will only encourage them to want to be rich by all means. But, the major blame goes to the parents. Charity they say begins from home. When our children start bringing home things we did not buy for them and we do not ask questions, will only encourage them to bring more tomorrow.

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Then the most sickening and nauseous thing is, a parent accepting gifts from a child who he/she knows does not have any known source of livelihood. This is the most irresponsible thing a parent can do. And it is obviously a failed parenthood. Also, you now hear our young girls shamelessly admitting that they want to date yahoo boys because of money, when they know how they came about the wealth. Something is definitely wrong with the mentality of our youths.

The time has come for us all to put our hands on deck to redeem these children from eating their tomorrow today. The devil cannot give anyone any good thing. Whatever good he gives is temporary and thereafter, there will be calamity. Why waste lives, the lives of the innocent people they kill and their own lives which will definitely amount to nothing, for fleeting wealth that will not last? Why mortgage your peace, because there is no way anyone who has shed innocent blood will find peace. Those big houses they build or rent are only for show off, they cannot be comfortable in them. With this fact, is it not stupidity to, instead of going through genuine process of achieving wealth, you mortgage your peace, life and eat your future today?

This is a call to everyone, parents, religious leaders, and the society in general to stop worshipping money. When dirty money is brought to Church or given to us and we reject it, gradually, our youths will not see the need to go after unclean wealth because they will know that it will not be acceptable in the society we live in, and then the desire for worthless wealth will gradually become a thing of the past. Let us curb our greed for free money. It is a process, it is possible if we set our minds to redeeming our youths. Reject their money, reject their gifts, landlords, do not rent or sell your properties to them.

Finally, we should all take responsibility for the situation of things now and do all within our power to change the narratives.

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