Don’t spiritualize for human error – Okoriko tells Nigerians

ByIsaac Job, Uyo

The founder/President of Solid Rock Kingdom Church, Apostle John Okoriko has advised Nigerians not to attribute literal issues to Angels of God as every success or failure is caused by human factors.

Speaking at Headstone Tabernacle in Uyo during the monthly interactive service on the theme ” Can An Angel Be Arrested By Man?” Okoriko stated that no man can manipulate Angels as they are messengers of God for divine assignments.

Okoriko observed that Nigerians and Africans in particular always attribute their wrongdoings to spirits instead of owning up to any human situation.

He said the present economic crisis been experienced few weeks before the general election is caused by greedy politicians who have devised means to hold the newly printed notes at the expense of the poor masses.

He debunked some beliefs in Africa that Angels can be detailed by man for any errand adding that human beings were created to take charge of their affairs.

“The poverty that strikes Nigerians to the extent that the nation is classified as poverty headquarters of poverty in the world is because of lack of knowledge.

“What will help Nigeria to overcome poverty include staying away from the company of poor people and self-determination rather than waiting for automatic miracles”

He challenged Nigerians to unite during the election and vote for one of the presidential candidates that will change the narratives of the people through productive policies and not wait to consume democratic dividends

Okoriko who does not believe in the existence of Satan or witches and wizards explained that any evil that happens to a man is caused by another man, not Satan or witches and wizards.

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Narrating his experiences, Okoriko disclosed that those who kidnapped him last year were close persons, not spirits, demons or Satan as people were speculating.

“One of the gang members that abducted me last year was a close person he had assisted to live with him in his church premises.

“He stayed in the church premises and plotted my kidnap. I didn’t know until the police investigated the matter. Nobody can manipulate Angels to do good or bad. They are strictly for God’s work without taking instructions from any man.

Okoriko who is an author of a book titled ” Every Satan Has A Human Face” said belief in Satan, demons and superstition has drawn Africa backwards in development and urged Nigerians and the African continent to change their mindset

“Beware of close persons even those in Aso Rock who claimed to love Nigeria but backstab the nation by sabotaging the economy and bring untold hardship to the people, not demons or satan,” he said.

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