Don’t be disappointed by my reaction to APC convention, Nwajuiba appeals to supporters

Tunde Joshua

One of the APC presidential aspirants, Emeka Nwajuiba has appealed to his supporters not to be disappointed by his action at the convention ground.

Nwajuiba who refused to step down for any of the other contenders was reported to have left the Eagles Square arena shortly after the commencement of addresses by aspirants.

The former Minister of State for Education lamented that processes which led to the national convention were in contrast to his belief and intention for joining the race.

“I would urge that no one should be despondent or disappointed,” he said.

According to him, his approach to the Nigeria presidency is hinged on being able to present a progressive vision of an inclusive, united and focused brand of energy to transform Nigeria into a wholesome economic powerhouse, whose citizens will be better secured to live a more fulfilling life.

He said he choose to take the tedious path of following the law, meeting requirements and staying disciplined, in other to sell a paradigm of same.

Nwajuiba said ” I appreciate all the sacrifices of time, resources and emotions that have been invested by so many persons, young and old, near and afar in this tedious path.

“I and almost all other aspirants agreed to a consensus approach to the selection of our candidate, to effectively maintain the outlook of a progressive family, away from an all for money by highest bidder image, which had already been assigned to another political party.

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” I and other aspirants now of the south east, wrote the leadership of our party to appreciate the commitment to move the presidential ticket to the south, and requested a further deepening to the southeast to reflect our primary reason for seeking the office, which remains, ‘to build a more united and inclusive secured and prosperous nation.’

“This much has been captured in the communique south east aspirants issued on 22nd May, the speeches of Mr President at his meetings with APC Governors that of aspirants and stakeholders.

” Following the failure of all these entreaties, it became clear that the convention was headed away from these lofty ideals I subscribe to and will still pursue. I, therefore, declined to attend.

“These ideals reflected in what some of the south east aspirants who choose to attend referred to in their pleas for Justice or need to constitutionally require it, in the face of the absence of conscience. Even their elderly wailing on national television could not move a vote, if I had shouted the same in a more youthful voice, it may have become inciteful, in face of our current security difficulties in the southeast and may thus spite our efforts. Better to stay out.

” I am committed to pursuing the ideals of a more united, inclusively secured prosperous nation for us all, lending to our dear country, its citizens and those who may be positioned to use it, the experiences acquired, lessons learnt and the various matrix that I may bring to bear.”

He expressed gratitude for the opportunity to engage all strata of society, all cadres of leadership both in the party and country.

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