Darwin Nunez’s arrival to Liverpool excites Klopp..He possesses huge potential

By Oviri Kelvin, Sports Editor

Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp has exemplified new club signing Darwin Nunez saying the player possesses huge potential to get better.

Klopp noted that the Uruguayan striker is a wonderful player whose prospect fits into the club’s project.

In a statement by Liverpool boss, who led the Reds to the UEFA Champions League final in Paris against Real Madrid last month, on the club’s official website, Nunez is the right fit for the club’s attack.

“This is super news, really super news,” Klopp told said on Liverpool website. The Trumpet Gathered

“I’m very grateful to everyone at the club for making it happen. We’ve shown decisiveness and ambition in equal measure.

“Darwin is a wonderful player; already really good but so much potential to get even better. That’s why it’s so exciting, to be honest. His age, his desire, his hunger to be even better than he currently is. His belief in our project and what we are looking to do as a club.

“He is as excited by us as we are by him, which makes for a great relationship when you appreciate each other’s strengths. That is certainly the case here. He thinks we suit him and we believe he is the right fit for us – so let’s do it.

“He has all the pieces we look for. He can set a tempo, he brings energy, he can threaten space from central and wide areas. He is aggressive and dynamic with his movement.

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“He plays without fear, he’s powerful. I know he will excite our supporters.

“It’s important we all recognise we are getting a ‘work in progress’ with Darwin. He recognises that himself, for sure. I love how much focus and humility he has.

“We have wonderful attacking options already and he becomes part of that now. So there is no pressure on him at all. He signs for a very long time and we intend to nurture his talent and see it grow.

“He’s the latest addition to the wonderful LFC family and I’m sure our supporters will make him feel at home from the first moment he has the Liver bird on his chest,” he added.

Liverpool signed Nunez from Benfica where he scored 34 goals in 41 appearances, in a deal worth £85million plus add-ons.

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