Dangers ahead of 2023, by Primate Olabayo

By Gabriel Omonhinmin

Prophet and 76 years old Primate Theophilus Oluwasaanu Olabayo is the founder of Evangelical Church of Yahweh Worldwide, located in the heart of Arowojobe Estate, Mende Village in Maryland, Lagos State. Olabayo is not a stranger to controversies.

It was the Prophet, who boldly told the then Social Democratic Party (SDP) Presidential torch bearer, Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, “Why waste your precious time and enormous resources campaigning for an office you will never occupy as Nigerian President.

You’ll no doubt win the election but sadly, you will never be sworn into office as Nigeria’s President.” Olabayo was then dismissed as an unserious person and was called a fake Prophet, but true to his words as a true vessel of God, the entire prediction came to pass.

Abiola won the election but was never sworn in as Nigeria’s President. Olabayo made other prophecies that unsettled some among the military brass in Nigeria, especially during the late General Sani Abacha regime. Immediately after the General assumed office as Nigeria’s Military Head of State, his security apparatus thereafter went after and eventually drove him into exile in the United States of America.

On the invitation of the primate, The Trumpet newspaper traced the expansive Church building, built at the serene end of Mende Village, Maryland, Lagos. The time was 12.56 p.m, Olabayo had just finished observing his afternoon prayers which has been his routine for years.

The Trumpet Culture and Religion Editor met him sitting quietly under a tree in his Church premises, wearing a sad and gloomy look. After a while still in his deep meditations, his sober and depressing look did not change as he stared vacantly into the thin air.

Quietly soliloquizing and murmuring, some words of prayers to himself. It took quite some time before he suddenly realized that the Trumpet reporter was standing by his side waiting for him to finish with his prayers. Breathing heavily, the Primate waved the reporter to take the only seat beside him.

He said hesitantly, “I had wished that God open the eyes of crops of political leaders in our nation to see the catastrophic danger that lies ahead for them and this country if they refused to stop the killing of innocent lives and the daily sacrifices to boost their political powers.

These innocent blood are crying for vengeance. I pray that God have mercy on our leaders and our land. “I had wished it was possible for the whole country to observe a week-long prayer in unity, Muslim, Christians and Pagans alike to jointly pray for God’s mercy over our people and land.” It was after this opening statement and without much ado, we delved into this no-holds-barred interview.

Trumpet: Primate, what could be the reason for this gloomy and deep-seated grief you are expressing? Primate: I am extremely sad, because all these people, who call themselves politicians with no exception whatsoever, don’t know about the heavy wrath of God that awaits them.

If you tell them, and they get to know, some of them will immediately shake it off as a huge joke. But sadly, if some of them get to know the great tribulations that await them, some of them might drop their political ambition and look for something else to do.

Nigeria has bled enough, due to the recklessness and inhuman activities of most of our political leaders. God is about to punish them now and their collaborators. Sadly, they will be made to pay with so much pain, with some members of their immediate and extended families. God’s punishment is coming now, because of all the crimes they have been committing against the people and the land. None of them will be exempted.

The two dominant parties, the Peoples Democratic Party, (PDP), and the All Progressive Congress, (APC) alongside other political parties in the country that are pretending to have concluded their party’s primaries.

As they now get ready to run for the office of the President, the highest office in the land, they will all be disappointed. There will not be elections at the end of the day as the political tension would be so tense, that it will not be conducive to conduct a free and fair general election in the country. Also, there will be massive political related assassinations and so many other evils across the land.

Then, that will be the beginning of the catastrophic consequences that await our politicians, during and before the conclusion of this political process. Mark my words, there are going to be massive political assassinations across the nooks and cronies of this country called Nigeria. There is going to be massive bloodshed, like never before in the recent political history of this country.

God has said, in the ashes of all these deaths and political dramas, he will, eventually, raise a good leader that will take Nigeria to the promised land. But before the emergence of this leader, there will be suffering, famine and hunger in the land. People need to be very careful before they incur the wrath of God.

As soon as Muhammadu Buhari took over power from ex-president Goodluck Jonathan, I made it very clear to whosoever cares to listen, saying that “President Buhari was going to create more problems for Nigeria, during and after his tenure as Nigeria’s President. And this is exactly what has happened.

I stopped talking because corruption had pervaded all the facets of Nigerian society. Never a time did I ever say that Muhammadu Buhari was the Messiah Nigeria was waiting for? Never! If I had mentioned what God showed to me then, people would say that I needed money from the APC government.

That was why I tried to rattle the President and his government. Your guess would have been as good as mine. And the government gadflies would have again been let loose on me. Unlike in the past, I am now old and fray, I can no longer run abroad as I did during the military regime of General Abacha.

When Buhari assumed power as Nigeria’s 15th President it was immediately revealed to me that he was not going to do well as Nigerian President. As at then, he had been elected and sworn in as Nigeria’s President. I couldn’t do anything about the situation then.

At some points, it became very clear that he was going to deliberately divide the already troubled and fragmented country, Nigeria, along ethnic and religious lines. But then, I refused to speak publicly because of the general impression most people had about some Prophets, Pastors and General Overseers in Nigeria. These same problems of hunger and insincerity were also very prevalent among some Islamic clerics, some of whom were hitherto known in the past to speak the truth to power.

It was then darkness fell on this land. Then the entire country was in a mess. Now, and almost eight years after, Nigeria is in a more terrible mess and it is now a huge joke. Poverty, hunger and corruption have further pervaded the land. True to these claims, the conduct and behaviour of some people, who call themselves men of God, did not help matters then and it’s still not helping matters now.

As politicians and their associates daily exhibited greed and avarices, in all that they do. If I had spoken then, I would have been shouted down and called names. I was not afraid of such a thing if that was only what they were going to do to me, for speaking out the truth. I asked God then, should I speak? He said; Let Buhari run his tenure as Nigeria’s President and let Nigerians experience their own Pharaoh!

For once I then decided to keep quiet and observe development. But my close associates will attest to these claims, several times, I told them, “It will take the grace of God for Nigeria to survive as one united and indivisible country after President Buhari’s APC government misrule.

The deep shit we are in today is clear for every Nigerian to see both young and old. The blood of all the innocent lives that have been cut down at their prime are now crying out for vengeance and justice.

The way things will turn, later on, will be unimaginable. The EndSars riots will be a child’s play. There will be a massive uprising that will shake the country to its foundation. People who served in governments, who aided and abetted in all these evils, who now think they will be able to escape with their loots, will invariably suffer for their sins. Without anyone going near them, they will begin to die mysteriously with some members of their immediate families. God wants to show them that he is truly God, not man. So many of these people will be brought back by the masses to face judgment. Some of them in government today, who now have the means to relocate to other lands with members of their immediate families, should begin to do so immediately. They don’t need to wait until the expiration of their tenure in government.

They will soon realize that they do not have more time in their hands. But one thing is certain wherever they go in this world, they will never know peace because of the injuries they have deliberately inflicted on this country and its people due to selfishness. Go and mark my words today.

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The atrocities of the Islamic fundamentalists across the country will further intensify as soon as President Buhari vacates office on May 29, 2023, as they will try to take over Nigeria, and declare it an Islamic State.

They are determined at fragmenting the country. We, therefore, need to pray very well, for us to still have a country called Nigeria. The recent Massacre at the St Francis Catholic Church in Owo town will be a child’s play, compared to so many similar incidents that will happen across Nigeria in the foreseeable future.

It will be so intense that the Nigerian Security system and agencies will be overwhelmed and look helpless. But God will intervene at the end of the day. Most of the people presently parading themselves as Nigerian leaders will end up in prisons. And they will be made to pay heavily for the havoc they committed against the land and the reckless manner they raped our country and its resources.

For all these heartless evils against the land, the spirit of the people that have been killed over the years will begin to fight, very soon, you’ll begin to see very important people across the land dying without knowing how or what killed them. If you must know, I never for once thought in life that I would live up to my present age of 76 years. But God in his mercy is preserving me because he wants me to witness the surgical operations he is about to carry out across the length and breadth of this country Nigeria.

I, therefore, owe it a duty to speak out, whether people in government like it or not. Let me repeat, between now and December this year, people should learn to stockpile foodstuffs in their homes because the kind of famine that will soon fall on this country will be intense, and parents will begin to sell their children unashamedly.

Let me sound this note of warning, the Lagos state government needs to be more serious about its internal security. Trumpet: How do we stop extremism among the Christians and Islamic followers?

Primate: Extremism is flourishing because Nigeria never had a good leader. It became more intense during this dispensation just because of the body language of our present President. As all these ugly incidents happen, Nigeria will continue to manage to remain one country.

But after some years if the people bent on destroying this country continue unchecked, Nigeria will eventually break up. And become severed countries, just like the old Soviet Union. But for now, let us continue to pray, and hope that people with the fear of God, take over the affairs of this country, and be firm in their decision making processes. Only then will we see a New Nigeria.

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