Danger of fasting, praying without holiness

It is good to pray without ceasing and it is also good to add fasting to prayers to make it more effective especially against higher demons in charge of particular cases. However, to fast and pray without living a holy life can open more doors for stronger demons to possess a person.

This is the reason this message is very important, spiritual warfare has rules and regulations to have victory.

Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ made it very clear in Matthew 12:43-45 that when a demon/unclean spirit is cast out from a person, the demon will eventually come back to see if there is room to enter back into the person and if there is a possibility to re-enter into the former victim, the demon will not come back alone but will invite stronger demons to join him to hold their victim into stronger captivity. This knowledge therefore should guide us as Christians to understand what holiness in Christ Jesus entails because holiness or allowing the Holy Spirit to dwell in your temple always is compulsory to have permanent victory over satanic attacks and possession.

Without holiness, the demon that was cast away from the person will join hands with other demons to make the current state of the person will be worse than what it was before. Some of these reinforced attacks against victims may have led to the untimely death of some people without knowing what transpired spiritually.

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Some people may pray against poverty or different sorts of satanic attacks but if they refuse to live a holy life as well as watch and pray, worse poverty will invade them after some time in addition to other spiritual punishments. The person may have immediate relief after such prayers and perhaps have some breakthroughs but without consistency in holiness, the situation can deteriorate and lead to a worse calamity.

To this effect, we need to understand the aftermath of fasting and praying which some of us refer to as deliverance prayers before we engage in it.

It is therefore important to understand what it means to live a holy life in Christ Jesus and the strategy to keep re-evading demons away after fasting and praying to purge oneself from demons and other strange elements in life.

First, the person that wants to live a holy life must understand that it is only Jesus Christ that has defeated the devil and all fallen angels totally and it is only in His name that any evil power can be cast out from a person.

To this effect, any person seeking freedom from demons, spiritual husbands, spiritual wives and other satanic principalities and habits must first and foremost accept Jesus Christ as the new King Lord) of their lives so that demonic kings and queens that were occupying their lives through evil covenants, curses and other mediums can be displaced and cast away.

Now, we must also understand that demons are in categories. Some demons are higher and stronger than others and our Lord Saviour Jesus Christ made it clear that stronger demons can only be cast away through fasting and prayers. The smaller demons can leave with effective, focused and concentrated prayers but the stronger demons may resist such prayers and the only option available is to add fasting to the prayers to make it more effective.

Therefore, to live a holy life according to God’s standard, the person must repent from any known sin as stated in the Bible and commit himself or herself to obeying the commandments of God always and if for any reason he or she falls short by committing any sin, he must repent immediately.

Yes, sin demotes whether you repent or not but at least it is better to remain in the lane of righteousness by repenting of such a sin even though the sin committed may have taken you backwards in your journey to perfection. It is better to repent than continue to live in sin and finally destroy oneself.

To be more specific, let us look at the sins that easily beset humanity today so that we know when we are sinning. One of the most common sins committed today is fornication/sexual impurities.

Fornication is when you have sexual intercourse with a person that you don’t have marital vows with. Fornication is so dangerous because when you have sexual intercourse either in marriage or outside marriage, your soul will join with the soul of that person and the spiritual history of both individuals are intertwined and the demons disturbing both of them will share both souls and will begin their torment.

Therefore, if one of the sexual partners had five demons and the other five demons, both of them will now have ten demons each and the process of casting out ten demons instead of five of course will be more Herculean. So, fornication is an open door to the pollution of the soul and separation from the Holy Spirit and when you are separated from the Holy Spirit and engage in prayers and fasting against stubborn demons, you may just be inviting great torture from more demons.

Adultery is also a major sin and committing adultery is a passport for the person to remain possessed by demons and also a passport to untimely death because the Word of God has stated that the punishment for adultery is death.

Sexual lust, which means not committing the physical act of fornication and adultery but accommodating and enjoying such thoughts can also be an open door for more demons to invade a human being.

Harbouring hate against anyone in your thoughts, telling lies, un-forgiveness, masturbation, drunkenness, using vibrators to excite oneself, stealing and embezzlement of public funds for personal satisfaction are all sins and if you want to be free from any spiritual problem, you should reject such sins and embrace holiness and righteousness in Christ Jesus before you fast and pray so that your fasting and prayers do not land you into more trouble.

Let us stop here for now. God bless us in Jesus Name.

Pastor ESANEROVO TRINITY AGBODO is a Contributing Editor to THE TRUMPET Newspaper and can be reached on or 08075504012 (WhatsApp).

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