Crisis Rocks Church, Pastor Kidnapped

Benjamin Omoike

The problem between the Field Superintendent of Oron Field, by name Apostle E.O UYE VS The National Evangelist territorial in the person of Apostle Dr. Isaac Uye doesn’t seem to be abating soon.

The issue started in December 2021 when Apostle E.O Uye, the Field Superintendent summoned Apostle Dr Isaac Uye in the council and asked him why gave out his crusade stage to honour the burial of Late Elder Emman, the field Keyboardist (whom he described as a nobody).

Apostle Dr. Isaac Uye replied that he could give out his property to whomever he pleases, since it is his personal property and it did not belong to the Apostolic church.

This response infuriated the Field Superintendent, who described Apostle Isaac Uye as an autonomous man, who always does things according to his will, without listening to anybody and accused him of insubordination.

He went further to threaten to deal with the National Evangelist, bring him down and disgrace him publicly. Before Apostle Dr Isaac Uye got home, the field superintendent had already called his wife to report that her husband insulted him and threatened to teach the National Evangelist a lesson.

It was learnt that on December 25, Apostle Isaac Uye was kidnapped and resurfaced a few days later.
Narrating his ordeal, the Apostle said he went to Udung Uko to open his locked up store where he packed his crusade materials, so that he could give it out for rent as usual. Just as he was about to open the lock, he narrated, a bike man alighted and asked him for a tip in exchange for important information but he ignored him and he drove off.

At about 8:30 pm when he was done with his mission and was on his way back to his station in Ibaka, around Udung Uko Junction, some gunmen attacked his vehicle and pointed a gun at him, threatening to kill him if he made any noise. They all jumped into his car and instructed him to drive to an unknown destination.

According to a source, when the Apostle got there, they brought him out and started beating him. He was then given two alternatives- to either sleep with one Ndifreke Emene, a chorister of TAC, which they intended to record on video to blackmail and frame him of rape. The second option was for him to sign some documents to join any secret cult fraternity of his choice and that he should desist from preaching against cultism and calling on cultists to give their life to Christ in any crusade or his church activities.

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He replied that he would rather die than do any of the things they asked him to do. His response infuriated the gunmen and they started beating him again. One of the gunmen made a phone call and told the receiver that he was refusing to cooperate with them and received instruction to terminate him. The gunman then approached him to ask him some questions.

The man of God said he prayed and God came to his rescue. God sent in confusion among the gunmen and he managed to escape.

He drove directly to the house of a member, who is a member of the Nigeria Police Force that night before he was taken to the hospital the next morning.

Apostle Dr Isaac Uye was suspended, and this was broadcast on AKBC and on January 12, this year, the Apostle tendered his resignation letter from the church.

On Saturday, January 12, members of The Apostolic Church (TAC), embarked on a protest against the Field Superintendent, asking him to step down as Oron Field Superintendent.

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