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CP promises community partnership, intelligence-led, tech-driven policing

By Paul Michael

Sokoto Commissioner of Police, CP Mohammed Usaini Gumel, has said he shall engage community partnership initiatives, intelligence-led and technology-driven policing strategies to combat nagging security challenges in the State.

Gumel gave the assurance during a press conference held in Sokoto on Monday to officially assume duty as the Commissioner of Police in the State while noting that Sokoto is one of the most hit States by terrorism.

According to him, “the first duty of a government is to maintain law and order, so that the life, property and religious beliefs of its subjects are fully protected by the State.”

He further added that the worsening security situation, has become unimaginable and a disturbing occurrence in the country and particularly, Sokoto State.

He said his policing strategy to tackle insecurity, which he described as a way-forward policing strategy, will key into the wider efforts of the Federal and State Governments to restore lasting peace in the State as well as guarantee the safety of lives and properties.

His words, “Let me inform you that my vision is to drive the Police Command transparently built on community partnership initiatives, intelligence-led, technology-driven people-friendly strategy with respect for fundamental human rights and freedoms.

“Our policing strategy will key into wider efforts of the Governments at both Federal and State Levels in the areas of: Implementing all Peace Sustainability Initiatives and Plans. And this means that the State Police Command will actively participate in managing the fragile security situation, eradicating political violence, communal violence, other clashes etc;

“Boosting Operations Fuff Ader, Operation Restore Peace initiatives and the IGP’s Action Plan that was fashioned out at the Year 2022 Retreat held in Akwa Ibom State etc;

“Carrying out periodic reviews and to test the workability of requisite Police Assets deployed in the State; Providing Patrol and Guards services, technology-driven Intelligence-led operation activities; effective utilization of supports such as from the C4i platform, Technical Intelliigence Unit (TIU), Early Warnings and other Real-Time Emergency Response Mechanisms made available to the State police command;

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“Strengthening Policing initiatives such as the effective functioning of the PCRC at Local Government Areas and State chapters, for identifying persistent security issues, aggregating abnormal behavior among vulnerable groups: the youths, women & children;

“Leveraging on the existing Community initiatives policing programs; Accompanying the state to implement its developmental plans and programs, including Sustainable Development Goals;

“Mobilizing for the activation of sensitization programs and activities such as NOA public enlightenment programs, Radio and Television programs, the State Youths, Women and Children programs, as well partnership with government to promote citizenship and leadership trainings, periodic Road Matches, Friendly Matches and Games for the promotion of active participation and engagement of the vulnerable groups;

“Encouraging the State Security Council to develop Memorandum of Action (MOAs) frameworks for the implementation of the collaborative initiatives with all the state security agencies and other relevant stakeholders in the state.

“This is on the premise that despite the fact that Police is the lead agency in internal security, it is wrong to claim its monopoly as from all accounts the Country at this moment is being under-policed. It’s on this note that I have the belief that honest collaboration amongst relevant security agencies is the best way to go. Synergy of efforts and cross fertilization of ideas is the way forward to surmount the security challenges facing the state and the country at large.

“Going forward, it is to build on the fact that a bird cannot fly with one wing. So, I will prevail on all the stakeholders in the state to build a stronger synergy with all conventional security agencies to strongly collaborate with government, traditional and religious institutions to discharge the collective responsibilities we are saddled with as there is no any standalone organ or agency that can claim monopoly of security.”

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