Antonio Rüdiger to be replaced by Chelsea

Antonio Rüdiger will become a Real Madrid footballer next summer as we have been announcing for weeks,  and the German international would have closed an agreement with the whites.

From London, they already get used to the idea of the non-continuity of their head office and begin to add names to the list of possible substitutes.

As pointed out from England, Chelsea has regained interest in Wesley Fofana. The French center-back was already in the Blue spotlight in the past and current circumstances put him back in London.

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Right now, Fofana is recovering from a serious injury that will keep him away from the pitch for a long season, but despite this, Chelsea’s sports management has a lot of confidence in him for the future The Trumpet gathered.

Leicester City, for its part, continues to set its starting price at € 60M, a figure that they will have to reach in London if they want to take the player.

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