Centricus bids to sustain Chelsea’s successes

By Oviri Kelvin, Sports Editor, Abuja

One of the bidders for Chelsea Football Club, Centricus, has increased its bid stating that all necessary organs of the club must be sustained to function adequately and sustainably.

The owners of the global investment firm said they are committed to ensuring the club preserves its accomplishment. According to the consortium formed between Centricus, Hedge fund manager of Cheyne Capital, and Talis Capital, their aim of improving their bid is to maintain and support the existing management of Chelsea in businesses and sports. The Trumpet gathered.

The consortium said: “Will be committed to supporting [Chelsea] and its key stakeholders to ensure its continued success. They divulged that their interest is to preserve the club’s financial record and sustain all its programmes through proper funding.

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The consortium continued: “Our financing for the deal includes funding for the completion of the transaction and funding for working capital required for the day-to-day operations of the CFC Group.

“Funds required to maintain an elite global brand, investment in grassroots and in-community football initiatives such as the Chelsea Academy, the women’s team, the youth development programme and the Chelsea Foundation and strategic real estate investment.

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