6 Bedroom ideas little girls will love

Decorating a little girl’s bedroom is no small feat! You want something that she’ll take pride in and appreciate right away, but you also want it to be something that she’ll appreciate for years to come.

The key is to take her unique interests and passions into account while sticking with a more timeless approach to design and décor. Here are some tips on setting up the girls’ bedroom.

Choose Something She Can Grow In

When designing for little girls, it’s important to remember children grow up quickly so you want to work with things that she can grow up with and not age out of too quickly.

Small bed
Small bed

This includes such elements as cartoons, children’s murals, or anything juvenile. Instead, Brown suggests focusing on implementing furniture, accessories, and design elements that are still playful and imaginative but also llow for long-term use.

For example, instead of a princess or safari mural, opt instead for fun block patterns, different shapes, or something still visually stimulating like a custom woodwork pattern that doesn’t age out.

Get Creative with Wall Art

Allowing your daughter to personalize her room will give her a sense of autonomy and creativity; hang a magnet board or word art board low down on a wall so she can see it and add to it herself. If she’s too young to create her own art, consider putting up printed photos of family, friends and pets.

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Bedroom ideas little girls will love
Wall decor
Create a Reading Nook

You can never go wrong with a reading nook outfitted with a corner tent or chair/ beanbag setup. Reading is such a cornerstone of children’s lives and having a designated area for that educational and developmental process is a good thing to keep in mind.” Make sure it’s comfortable and allows for children to invite their friends, siblings, and family members into the space to comfortably read and grow with them.

Reading Nook
Reading Nook


Go for Light and Airy Window Treatments

In little girls’ bedroom, I suggest replacing the heavy custom drapery with lighter window treatments, light and airy linen and soft cotton curtains in more natural shades will allow for more natural light without sacrificing privacy or shade from the outdoors come bedtime.

Window treatment
Window treatment


Wallpaper Accent Walls

This is such a simple yet effective design element. Having an accent all of wallpaper behind a bed in the bedroom or in a nook is an easy and attractive way to add additional interest to a space and, again, incorporate a visual element that will age gracefully over time and not necessarily need to be changed out too soon.

Wall paper accent
Wall paper accent


Make Storage Solutions

Fun Bookshelves and storage solutions can be practical and pretty

Bedroom ideas little girls will love
Storage Solution

when you choose them carefully and add some decor to them to make them appear more attractive.


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