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Bayelsa Governor and Alaibe bury feud, reconcile

Adodo Osewengie

The Bayelsa State Governor, Senator Douye Diri, and Timi Alaibe have finally allowed the seed of discord sown between them in 2019 to rest in history.

The reunion which was perfected on Sunday, January 16, at the governor’s official residence in Yenagoa after a series of mediation of interested parties and political associates to pacify Timi Alaibe had always hit the brick wall, he finally succumbed to voice of reasoning to reunite with Douye who he said is his old-time friend, brother and political associate.

Alaibe revealed that the governor immediately after he assumed office, tried to reach out to him on several occasions to make amends to heal up political wounds and settle differences birth during the elections but he chose to remain silent while reviewing the moves being taken by the governor.

According to him, the governor has been an old-time friend and a brother of yore who is committed to friendship and has severally displayed humility while exhibiting mutual respect.

Why he is not deterred by the diverse views that may result from this recent development, he noted that those who have been peddling falsehood and profiting from the discord that existed between Douye and him would give this reconciliation a different colouration.

“After repeated interventions by mutual friends, business partners and political associates, I finally considered it necessary to put an end to the ugly past, drop political differences and re-establish age-old friendship with my brother and State Governor, Douye Diri. That happened on Sunday, January 16.

“Let me state here that Governor Diri and I have come a long way. We have not only been political partners, there is a deep sense of brotherhood in our relationship. Somehow, in 2019, political differences thrust a sharp knife into that bond; and as the late Chinua Achebe would say, things fell apart and the centre could no longer hold.

“But then, blood is thicker than water. We both knew that what happened was temporal. Our mutual friends decided to wade in; especially those who knew what happened and believed that Governor Diri could not be held directly responsible. He only had favour thrusted upon him.

“I must admit that out of a deep sense of humility and friendship, Governor Diri had, at several times, shortly after taking office, personally reached out to me. I chose to remain silent as I reviewed the situation. But all that is now history. Time has healed the wounds and I have chosen to do the right thing.

“There is no doubt that the reconciliation will surprise a lot of people; particularly some political jobbers who profited from our temporary silence. What has happened might also be misinterpreted and given various colouration by different people. But the truth is that I have chosen to listen to the voice of wisdom and re-establish a cherished relationship; which politics tried to destroy.

“To demonstrate the sincerity of my intentions and reciprocate the same humility, which Governor Diri had displayed previously, I refused to meet him on a neutral ground. Instead, in company of close friends, I went to the governor’s official residence in Yenogoa and I was warmly welcomed by him and his team.

“I am thoroughly impressed by the sincerity displayed of my governor.

“So, the past is behind us. Politics has taken the backstage. Friendship and the collective interest of Bayelsa people are in the centre-stage now. We are back to work together in love and unity. Join us”, Alaibe said.

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