Attack on Villa’s Olsen: Keane, Neville react

By Oviri Kelvin, Sports Editor


Former Machester United player Gary Neville has condemned the attack on Aston Villa goalkeeper Robin Olsen at the Etihad after fans invaded the pitch at the sound of the final whistle to award Machester City the Premier League title.

Aston Villa had shocked City with an unexpected lead in the first half and doubled it in the second in what looks like the end of the latter’s fourth clinch of the title in five seasons.

However, in a twist of event, Ilkay Gundogan broke City’s goal bank heralding a supersonic comeback victory that ignited the tense atmosphere over the Etihad.

Following the unprecedented outcome, thousands of fans rushed into the field uncontrollably to celebrate the victory and in the process, assaulted Olsen who was on his way out of the pitch. The Trumpet Gathered

Neville lamented that the actions of the fans are despicable which of yore have not been experienced in the English Premier League.

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“What is it happening? The last 30 years we’ve brought the fences down in English football and 99 times out of 100, the fans have respected the fact that you don’t run on the pitch because they enjoy the family environment,” Neville said on Sky Sports.

“We’ve obviously got far more children coming to the games, far more women coming to the games, and all of a sudden in these last few weeks and months, we’ve got these idiots not just running on the pitch but attacking players. What the hell are you doing?


“Running on the pitch is obviously delirious because City have won the league, so I get that, but attacking opposition players on the pitch – where has this come from? Why is it happening? I’ve got no idea. It’s absolutely ridiculous,” He added.


Neville’s former teammate, Roy Keane, has called the fans ‘scumbags’ for encroaching into the pitch to celebrate City’s victory.

He stressed that a fan who could have resulted in punching a player would have the effrontery to stab a player.

“It’s disgraceful. It really is and I tell you what – a player or a manager is going to be seriously injured,” Keane said.

“If you’re mad enough to come on and punch a player, then you’re mad enough to come on and do something silly like stab a player. Something crazy will happen. People have come back from Covid and forgotten how to
behave themselves.

“Idiots, scumbags. It’s a disgrace. We’ve seen it a couple of times at Forest and with Patrick Vieira. It’s absolutely disgraceful,” he added.

Reportedly, this is the third incident of stadium invasion in the English leagues, Championship and Premier League, after Sheffield United’s and Everton’s.

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