Angry mob sets two ablaze in Uyo

By Isaac Job

Irate youths have set two young men ablaze along Itam market and Idoro road in Uyo city for allegedly stealing a phone and plasma television belonging to one of the Pentecostal churches.

It was gathered that the alleged thief burnt at Itam Junction was caught when he snatched Android phone from his victim but the owner raised the alarm which attracted youths who apprehended him and immediately pour petrol on him and set him ablaze.

An eyewitness Bassey Etim said the phone thief struggled to escape with the fire on his body as his clothes were burnt while his skin turned red but he could not die.

” It was when he was still struggling to escape with the fire that the police patrol team arrived the scene and bundled him to the police station.

” I doubt if he will survive at the station because he was seriously burnt before the police intervened ”

Continuing, he said the plasma television thief was not lucky as he was caught by Vigilante group on Idoro road after he had removed the TV set in the church.

Bassey said the plasma TV thief who was identified as an Igbo man that bakes chin chin, buns, and egg rolls in Idoro confessed that he has been stealing from the church.

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He said the alleged thief was caught at about 2 am on Saturday by Vigilante group in Idoro after he successfully removed the plasma TV and called a mini bus driver to carry it to their buyer.

” The Vigilante group intercepted the bus with the plasma TV and he confessed that it was removed from the church

” They called the church pastor who identified the TV set and took it back while the thief was roasted.

when contacted, Akwa Ibom state Police Public Relations Officer, Odiko Mcdon confirmed the two incidents adding the police was investigating the matter to bring perpetrators of jungle justice to book.

” The Commissioner of police Olatayo had warned the public against jungle justice and the incidents are still investigated, “he said

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