‘WBC heavyweight: Tyson Fury will defeat Dillian Whyte, but…’

by Oviri Kelvin, Sports Editor, Abuja

British professional boxer and sports promoter Ricky Hatton says Tyson Fury has all it takes to defeat Dillian Whyte in Saturday’s WBC heavyweight boxing contest at Wembley Stadium The Trumpet gathered.

Hatton, who recently returned to boxing after he retired and went into exile in 2012, opined that Fury is better in all departments to bring down Dillian.

According to him, the outcome of the bout between Fury and Dillian solely depends on the approach of the WBC heavyweight champion against the challenger.

However, Hatton, who returns to boxing after about 10years of retirement to take on Marco Antonio Barrera at the Manchester Arena on July 2, revealed that the match may go in favour of Dillian if Fury decides to be like ‘Rocky Marciano’ in the early rounds.

The 43 years old boxer cautioned Fury to be tactical and not be overconfident in taking down Dillian recalling that Deontay Wilder knocked him down and Dillian can do the same.

Hatton said on Gary Newbon Sports Show, “We have to be honest and say Tyson is better in every department.

“He has the height and reach, the speed, the ability. Everything says that Tyson should win.

“But what concerns me is that Tyson in his last few fights, although it has been entertaining, has turned into a six-foot 10 Rocky Marciano – he is having it out with everyone.

“Deontay has put him down and Dillian has the power to do the same. I think Tyson has to resort back to the old Tyson a little bit, let’s just break down Dillian, let’s not go to war or toe-to-toe from the opening bell.

“If he uses his height, reach, and movement, and chooses his time when to box at a distance and make him miss, choose a time when to put it on Dillian, it will break him down in the early rounds and he may get a stoppage.

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“If he goes as he did in the last fight against Wilder, where he just went to absolute war, then Dillian has a good chance of clocking him.

“It all depends on, no disrespect to Dillian, what Tyson does rather than what Dillian does,” he added.

Hatton, elated with Dillian’s opportunity to fight the best, noted that the boxer has over the years searched for such privilege and has finally gotten what he wanted.

He continued, “I am delighted that Dillian has finally got his shot after being the number one contender for about three or four years, the poor thing.

“Dillian always said he wanted to fight the best and Tyson is the best. He has got his shot now,” he added.

Tyson Fury and Dillian Whyte before this contest were supposed to compete with Oleksandr Usyk and Anthony Joshua but a reshuffling took place, with agreements among the parties involved, to allow Ukrainian Usyk and British Joshua to have a rematch.

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