Social Media Influencer moves to stop extortion of commuters by LASTMA, Police in Lagos

by Genesis Eririoma

Popular social media influencer Israel Balogun and some of his followers besieged the bridge around Akonwonjo/Dopemu area of Lagos State, today, Friday, to prevent LASTMA and Police Officers from extorting money from motorists that unknowingly violate the one-way traffic law.

He alleged that the LASTMA and Police officers deliberately wait for commuters coming from neighbouring communities and cities to ignorantly enter the bridge in order to arrest and extort money from them.

According to him, entry from ‘one-way’ to the bridge is prohibited once it is 3pm, as a result, the law enforcement officers capitalize on the ignorance of strangers that are not aware to extort huge amounts of money.

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Balogun added that sometimes victims pay as much as N200,000 (two hundred thousand naira) before they are released.

In a video he published on Facebook, he further alleged that the LATSMA and Police officers have made it a source of income daily.

Watch Video below:

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