Indomix: Without ‘sound engineers’ input, artistes will sound wacky

Iloyi Oluwole Adebayo popularly known as Indomix is chiefly a producer and music engineer who is responsible for the first class mixing and mastering of many songs in Nigeria.

Indomix put together the vocals, ad-libs, sequence, progression, after-effects, finishing, and gloss of many songs. Without his job, you definitely would have a headache, listening to anything fresh from artistes. Indomix has worked with major A-list in the entertainment industry which include Adewale Ayuba, Reminisce, Faze, D’banj and a host of others.

Cornered recently, the cool-headed engineer led us into his work, passion for the industry and why sound engineers must be recognized and other issues.

Your growing up?

My names are Oluwole Iloyi a.k.a Indomix. I grew up in Ogun State, Sagamu. I started as an artiste in a group. We had a lot of challenges which made the other members deserted and at that point, I ventured into production and finally chose to stick to sound engineering.

What were the challenges encountered in the process?

One of the challenges I encountered when I started, was moving into Lagos, because at that time, my studio was in Sagamu, Ogun state. Then, most of the artistes were coming to me in Sagamu, ogun state. I started quite small in equipment, but I thank God for my brand so far.

How then did you come about the name Indomix?

First when people here about it, they be like if this guy really love taking Indomie noodles which is not far from the truth, I was known as Indomie before now when friends will attribute me as somebody who is skinny as Indomie pastas but as time went on, I begin to get use to the name.

Luckily for me when I met Faze, the first thing he told me was since I mix songs also, why don’t I add the word mix to my Indomie stage name and that was how I came about the name Indomix.

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How long did it take you to get acquainted with the magic of mix and maxing?

It was a gradual process; I started with a small radio and computer while I was working in a computer business center, few client will come around there, I do their job and I get paid for it because then the money was just coming in bit so I could not afford a big studio then.

But I can tell you that from that small business center I made several hit songs for some of the made entertainers now.

With your vast knowledge in sound engineering, did you actually study it professionally?

Funny enough I did not study anything related to sound engineering but the fact it I picked interest in music at a very tender age because at five, I was a chorister in church and I take the lead most of the time during church service.

What does having a good mixed song entail?

A good mixed song must have clear vocals and instrumentals. It also must not distort and must be smooth to the ears.

How many of the notable artistes have you worked with?

I have lost count because I have worked with a lot of artistes. To mention just a few- 9ice, D’banj, Olu maintain, 2face and many more.

What would you have been if not a Sound Engineer?

I would have been a footballer or soldier. This is as a result of the fact that I loved football while growing up. You are not the only one in the mixing industry.

What would you say singled you out? I would say hard work, determination, and honesty. These spectacular attributes have brought me thus far and I think that will continue to keep me till I get to where I am going to.

What is your assessment of the entertainment industry in Nigeria? Do you think we are moving forward in terms of content?

It is not contentious that the industry is growing everyday. I would say yes we are moving forward even though at a slow pace. Looking back to the industry 10 years ago, you would definitely agree with me that we are doing well. Back in the 90’s, we only listen to foreign music but now its Naija music everywhere even in Europe, America, and in fact worldwide.

Yes, we are moving forward and we will continue to soar high. Upcoming artistes are doing all they could do to get to the top and I am sure with persistence and continuous rebranding, the sky will be their starting point.

You once talked about appreciation not coming for sound engineers. What do you think can be done to rectify this?

Seriously, I don’t know what is wrong with organizers of awards ceremony, they give credence to the artiste alone leaving out those us who are the brain behind their success, when they have nice beat and they voice on it, people enjoy and want to keep listening to the tracks but when it comes to recognitions, we are majorly left out.

On like other countries, the sound engineer award category is usually uttermost in their ceremony as they value them so much. I am not lobbying for an award but the fact remains that we need to be recognized and appreciated too, I am sure organizers of awards listening carefully to music and at the tail end they hear the name of the sound engineer too for instance, Indomix, Sheyman and a host of others.

They have several categories of awards and no matter the good quality of the song, it must pass through a sound engineer, so therefore we are making a clarion call to organizers of awards to create platforms for us too.

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